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The theme support BlackBer Paper theme blackberry curve 85xx,93xx os5 Cupcake Crazy blackberry themes 85xx,93xx This over th Akita dog for 85xx curve themes Pink Lazy Cat for 85xx,93xx curve themes Pencil Sketch-up Doodle 85xx,93xx bb Themes Kenalan Dulu Makanya for 85xx, 93xx os5 Thank you for choosing this theme. I hope Cute Bear theme for 85xx, 93xx os5 Hello Kitty Halloween 2 85xx,90xx,89xx,96xx, Nero 2day themes 89xx,96xx,,85xx,93xx,90xx,95xx os5.

Paul Walker for 85xx, 93xx curve themes GreenLuck theme 85xx,93xx themes os5 A distinctive green theme, let your Blackberry phone Black alpha2 85xx,93xx curve themes The rhythmic blue-black background and the light gray icon Pink miPhone theme for blackberry 85xx,93xx os5 The theme is HDD Wall-A for bb 85xx,93xx,90xx,95xx themes So, for instance, Facebook fanatics can move their Facebook for BlackBerry icons onto their Zen "ribbon" screens for easy access. The Zen ribbon is populated with the first five apps on your icon screen, as well as an icon that links back to all the additional applications.

How do you know if a theme is Zen? You guessed it: Most of the time the word "zen" will be in the name. A handful of new and unreleased BlackBerry devices also feature new theme configuration, included L and Precisions themes. For example, BlackBerry smartphones running handheld OS v4. BlackBerry handheld OS v4. The upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone will feature Precision themes, which offer some degree of transparency so users can see--and presumably use--other icons and applications while another is selected.

Stripped down versions of Precision themes for existing devices can also be found on the Web.

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Changing or switching back and forth between BlackBerry themes is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes--though each theme must be customized individually and this process can take some time. For instance, if you rearrange the home screen using an Icon theme and then switch to a Zen theme, you'll need to reorder all your icons. However, if you then switch back to the original Icon theme, your icons will still be ordered the way you originally set them.

To switch from one theme to another, click on your BlackBerry Options icon and choose Theme. You'll then see a list of all your available themes. Scroll down to the theme that you wish to make active--the word "Active" will appear in bold next to the theme that's currently in use--and then click your trackball.

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  • RIM BlackBerry How To: Download and Install New Themes;
  • Theme : DOODLES Animated icons ( All Type ).

After a few seconds, you'll be returned to the BlackBerry Options screen. Simply hit Escape -- located directly to the right of the trackball--and you'll return to your main screen. Get better use out of your BlackBerry and keep up-to-date on the latest developments. There's certainly no shortage of BlackBerry themes available on the Internet.

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  • free theme tinker bell for bb gemini.
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In fact, a quick Google search for "BlackBerry themes" turns up more than half a million results--though the themes you'll find this way are admittedly of varying quality, to say the least. One of the best ways to find quality BlackBerry themes is to visit RIM's mobile site, which can be located at mobile. Click the "Fun and Games" icon on the home page and then choose "Themes," to browse the current offerings. Though the selection isn't exactly wide, RIM's site can determine the specific device you're using based on browser setting to ensure that the theme is compatible with your BlackBerry--and all the themes are free.

It's extremely important that you ensure any new themes you attempt to install are compatible with your device.

RIM BlackBerry How To: Download and Install New Themes

Installing a theme that's meant for a different device or operating system version can severely damage your BlackBerry and even render it useless. Check out "BlackBerry Tips and Tricks: More Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users" for more keyboard tricks. Your OS version will be listed as "App Version. Once you've determined your device model and OS version you should also make sure that the site you plan to download the theme from has specified compatibility with your BlackBerry and handheld OS.

Download thema kaskus bb gemini 8520

Always be sure to obtain your themes from a reputable or trusted source. To download a theme OTA, visit the site from which you want to obtain a theme, and follow the directions for OTA downloads, if available. Such directions will typically call for you to enter an e-mail address associated with your BlackBerry so a message with the appropriate download link can be sent. Once you receive such a message, open it, click the link and follow the download instructions.

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In some cases, like when you download themes OTA from RIM's site, you won't need to enter in an e-mail address; rather, all you'll need to do is click a link and you'll be transported to a download page. Once said page opens, click the "Download" link and wait a minute or so for your new theme to download. When the process is complete, a dialogue box appears to let you know, and you'll then be able to access and install the theme via BlackBerry Options and the Theme menu.

First of all, you'll want to ensure you have the latest version of Desktop Manager. To determine which version you're current running, open the program, click the Help icon and choose About BlackBerry Desktop Manager. A dialogue box will appear to tell you which version you're using. Next, surf over on over to RIM's download page , verify you've got the latest version of the software and download and install it if not. Next, download the theme file to your hard drive.

Usually, the file is compressed, and you'll need to "unzip.

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On the following screen, click "Browse" and then navigate to the location within your PC where the unzip theme file is stored. The file you should select will very likely end in an ". With the appropriate file selected, click Open within the dialogue box and the theme will then be discoverable by the Desktop Manager software. On the Application Loader screen, scroll down until you see the name of the new theme, check the box next to it if it's not already filled, and then hit Next.

Simple Pink BlackBerry Curve 8520/8530 Theme

The software will then confirm the file is the correct one you wish to transfer to your device. When the process is complete, you'll be able to access and install the theme via BlackBerry Options and the Theme menu.