Windows phone 7 ios theme

XD edd I updated the html for the lockscreen a while back, and all those errors should be fixed.

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Try downloading and reinstalling it. Thanks, Angelman.

Download OS X theme for Windows 7 and 8,

I hope u don't mind, but a took your package and added to it. Didn't changed the name, and kept u as the respective creator. Check the vid here [link] And thanks for the great great great theme. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 28, I try do simillar-looking to original lockscreen But I cant! I'm edited position in my own lock.

Get the Windows Phone 7 look on your Pocket PC

Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 29, It's called Zegoe UI Light. I don't exactly remember how I got it, though. S I'm sure you could find ways, though. Google knows all. XD bySeon: Ha ha, how creative! Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm glad people are impressed; they very well should be! I'm planning to buy one when they begin to grace humanity with their existence. Seriously though, they are pretty neat.

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But I cant do to Zegoe works on iphone. Can you share your font, because standard zegoe font not working. Folks are very impressed with my ipod touch which means the WP7 series is in danger of being a hit! Anyways I used the people icon for Facebook, the text app for twitter and used my own artiste image for the music apps and my own photo for the picture app Thanxs again!

How to Make Your Android Phone Look Like a Windows Phone

Thanxs for the link I'm putting this on my ipod touch right now! Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 21, I'm actually making a lockscreen for this as we speak, with hopefully an html clock that looks similar to or the same as the one on Wp7. Loyal4ever Featured By Owner Mar 19, Nice Work. I'm not really into Windows Phone 7 Series.

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But It's fascinating to see that u have manged to make it as iPhone theme. Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 19, Angelman8 Featured By Owner Mar 17, If there is one, I haven't found it. Regardless, if it did exist, I'd probably try to make it anyway. Prev Next.

Windows Phone 7 Theme Coming to iPhone

More from Angelman8. Featured in Collections something cool by BassUltra. Skins for Other by Bruellkaefer. View More. More from DeviantArt.

So in order to feel fresh anyone could wish for Windows Theme for iPhone. So in order to keep things together I made a list for Best of Best Windows Theme for iPhone or iPad , which will only work with dreamboard cydia app. One of the best theme for windows lover, it is based on Windows 7 Operating system UI.

This theme is a total transformation pack, like you can change windows desktop skin with this theme you can change entire iPhone UI.

Windows Phone 7 Theme for iOS

This even changes lots of iPhone function to match up with Windows 8. This theme is for iPad only. It will give a Windows 8 desktop look to your iPad. Only 1 drawback, this theme eats up much of RAM making your iPad weak to handle multitasking. The best Windows 8 theme available till date, it also give a desktop look up to iOS device and it eats much less memory than any other win8 desktop theme.