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Other apps provide more details and features, but Yahoo Weather's clean, concise presentation makes it an eminently user-friendly, everyday app, marred only by a fairly large advertisement as you swipe up to get to the detailed forecast. Weather Timeline delivers a no-nonsense, ad-free weather forecasts to your Android device through a highly configurable display.

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You'll get extreme weather alerts from your choice of a variety of data sources. Users can save a variety of locations and view detailed daily forecasts, with temperature highs and lows, precipitation forecasts, with the option to drill down to detailed hourly forecasts. On a smartphone, the app has a clean timeline presentation of the weather, while landscape mode on tablet puts a variety of graphs side by side with the timeline. Hello Weather Android , iOS shares much of the simple infographic philosophy of Weather Timeline, but takes a brighter direction in terms of design, with bold colors keeping the interface bright and readable.

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Forecast predictions are powered by Dark Sky, with forecast data presented in clean infographics and icons that you can tap to drill down for more info. And now, the app has since made the jump to iOS. In addition to the forecasts, 1Weather also provides detailed radar maps with customizable data layers, widgets, notifications and severe weather alerts where available.

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The best weather apps for the iPhone

Apps Round-Up. Get the Forecast from These Top Apps You can't always predict the weather, but some mobile apps certainly come close.

Slide 1 of Slide 2 of Dark Sky Android: Free; iOS: Slide 3 of Alerts Android; iOS It's an app you hope you never have to use, but when disaster strikes, you'll be glad you have Emergency: Slide 4 of Weather Android, iOS: Slide 5 of Weather Timeline Android: Slide 6 of Hello Weather Android, iOS: Free Hello Weather Android , iOS shares much of the simple infographic philosophy of Weather Timeline, but takes a brighter direction in terms of design, with bold colors keeping the interface bright and readable.

Slide 7 of Free 1Weather Android , iOS has been an old favorite among Android users for its clean and striking interface and its wealth of weather data. Slide 8 of The app is quite simple in how it works -- you get a choice of one of three map styles; black background with roads and major landmarks, map, or satellite photo. Once you have selected one of the three, you can always go back and change the setting to one of the other map types.

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The app then shows how radar colors correspond to what's happening weather-wise. Shades of green indicate light rain, yellow and red indicate heavy rain, blue is snow. After either selecting your current location or searching for another location, a map is displayed. At the top the map is a listing of the current weather and forecast; a tap opens a window for additional details.

The most important part of the app is the animated radar map.

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It covers the past two hours of actual weather, the current weather situation, and then the forecasted map for the next six hours. This radar map loops, or can be paused with a tap. Like many of the other Weather Company apps, users can switch layers on the map. Radar is the default layer, but it's also possible to look at wind, temperature, or even tropical storms we don't get many of those in Colorado Custom layers can add even more information, such as local storm reports, actual cloud cover, lightning, storm tracks, temperature changes, earthquakes, road weather and more.

I personally prefer the Weather Underground Storm app, which shares a stylized "S" logo that looks like a lightning bolt. That app show much of the same information, but places the forecast at the bottom of the screen where it's out of the way.


In addition, it's possible to link the app to a specific PWS Personal Weather Station for hyper-local weather reports and forecasts. It's possible to choose different types of radar at different tilt angles, important in finding information like thunderstorm cloud tops or seeking the elusive "hook" signature of a tornado.

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