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Update BlackBerry Theme Studio 7. For those of you who want to be the developer of Blackberry OS 7 theme does not have to wait much longer to be able to realize your wishes. Because today has released the Blackberry Theme Studio 7. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis!

Berbagi ke Twitter Berbagi ke Facebook. About the Author. Posting Komentar Atom. You can find more information about choosing a target device OS here. Double-click the installer file and follow the instructions. You can test your app on a simulator or on a physical device. If your application will be made available on different BlackBerry device types, it is important that you test your application on each type of device.

BlackBerry device simulators allow you to easily test your application on a variety of BlackBerry device types without the need for access to physical devices. BlackBerry simulators are currently only available for Windows PCs.

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Mac OS is not supported at this time. If you are developing using Mac OS, you will need to test your application on a physical BlackBerry device. If you want to test your application by running it on a physical device, use the BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse and follow these instructions.

If you want to debug your application on a physical device, you need debug files from a BlackBerry simulator that match your device's BlackBerry OS version. Download BlackBerry Simulators here. If you are developing using Mac OS, can download debug files here. Once you have debug files, debug your application following these instructions. Would you like to tell us how we are doing?

You bet No thanks. Make sure you have the correct Java SDK. Click Add.

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For Location, type http: Click OK. Read more about choosing the right Blackberry SDK versions. For more information, see:. You can find sample apps on the Samples page. Some of these installed apps have user guides. You can find the user guides at Java sample apps.

When you have questions or problems, Research In Motion provides resources that can help.

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These include Would you like to tell us how we are doing? You bet No thanks. Hello BlackBerry Tutorial: Migrate your app to version 7 Tutorial: Creating a successful app RIM provides a number of solutions, listed below, to help you achieve success with your apps. BlackBerry World Distribution BlackBerry World storefront developer guides Place ads in your app Your app can include ads that generate revue for you when users click on them. Payment Service Payment Service developer guides Collect data about the usage of your app The Analytics Service is an SDK and web portal that can help you understand the usage of your apps.

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Designing your app This section is a brief overview of some of the steps for designing a successful app, with links to more in-depth information. Research your market Your first step should be to research your market to determine what your prospective users want. For more information about designing apps for multiple versions, see: Develop applications for different BlackBerry device software versions and BlackBerry smartphone models For more information about model characteristics and customer usage of BlackBerry versions, see: Decide which BlackBerry features to integrate into your app Successful smartphone apps especially in the consumer market take advantage of the technology of the smartphone.