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All of this work went into MindNode 5 for iOS. Check out the update with our free trial. And remember that you are eligible for a discounted upgrade. Names have histories, and sometimes they are not really logical. They had the version number 1. We now had an app called MindNode Pro, version number 1, but there was no un-Pro version and that caused some confusion. This was our first paid upgrade. As we were thinking about names for this version of MindNode, we really wanted it to be very similar for iOS and macOS, because the apps are very similar as well and the different version numbers always caused confusion.

So we decided to skip version numbers 3 and 4 for Mac and went straight to version number 5. Sadly there is no way for us give discounted upgrades to Mindnode 5 - Volume License for users of MindNode 4.

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We are also working on a solution for macOS, but are unable to share more information at the moment. The only difference between the two versions is the payment model. We are sadly unable to offer a discounted upgrade for MindNode Pro customers. A discounted upgrade is only available for MindNode 2 for Mac customers.

When the file is loaded the changes will not immediately be applied. In order that you may review the changes before applying them, the differences between the product's current settings, and the new settings contained in the loaded file, will be marked-up in orange. Once you have reviewed them, click 'Apply' …or you may choose to 'Discard' them.

The 'Share settings' feature allows you to share the current product settings with other products, using your device. Also, settings you have already saved using VictronConnect are stored in a settings file and can be shared with other products through the 'Settings file manager'. When opening a file from the settings file manager a snapshot of the product at the point the setting file was saved is shown. There is a constraint for opening files in this mode: This means that if VictronConnect v5. This constraint only applies when opening files from the settings file manager for inspection.

Loading files from a product settings page to restore it is always possible as long as VictronConnect version is equal or greater than the one used to create the settings file. Connect to the product: VictronConnect will prompt to update in case there is a new version available.

Or, when not close to the product, open the Demo library and select the product. The Product info page will show the latest available version that is shipped with VictronConnect.

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When updating the app, all firmware files are updated as well automatically. After connecting your product, VictronConnect will automatically check whether your product is running on the latest firmware version. If there is a newer version, you will be guided through the update procedure before doing anything else.

A firmware update - when available - will need to be completed in order to continue using VictronConnect. The settings of your product will not be affected by the firmware update …and so you will not need to reconfigure your product after the update. The previous chapter explained how VictronConnect will automatically update to the latest recommended firmware version. Besides that, it is also possible to update a product with a file that you supply your-self.

Firstly, you need to add the desired firmware file to the VictronConnect firmware library. Firmware files can be added to the library from: VictronConnect will be opened and should read: If the message doesn't appear repeat the previous step. In spite of our painstaking efforts, sometimes errors occur. In the following list you can check possible errors and descriptions. Then open VictronConnect and re-pair the product and your device. See section 3. On Android 5 and later VictronConnect needs access to the device location services to be able to scan nearby bluetooth devices.

Another way is to uninstall and then reinstall VictronConnect. If you are still experiencing difficulties, having tried the steps above, try connecting using another phone …preferably an Apple phone or tablet as they work without any issues. When successfully connected using another device, VictronConnect will automatically update the firmware in the Victron bluetooth device.

After the firmware has been updated you may find that you can use the Android device with which you were experiencing difficulties. First of all, its good to know that you can always restart the firmware update procedure. The update process will be restarted each time you connect to the product. If the firmware update stops at a random percentage during each retry, just keep trying - it will succeed eventually.

Keep your mobile device as close to the product as possible. If the update fails even after many attempts, try using another phone or tablet …if possible an Apple iOS device - they usually work without any issues. After the update, you may find you can use the phone with which you were having difficulty. The driver included in macOS X Direct USB cable. To fix this issue we recommend updating to a later version of macOS.

If updating the operating system is not possible, there is a workaround which disables the Apple FTDI Future Technology Devices International driver and installs a compatible driver. Follow these steps:. The necessary drivers are available in the software section. Open VictronConnect and without closing it switch to the app containing the file, select it an choose to open it with VictronConnect.

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Direct port and the built-in Bluetooth Smart function at the same time. When connecting to VE. Direct, the built-in Bluetooth Smart function will not be available. These early versions can be recognized by their part number:. The same models, but then with a different part number do support using both the VE.

Can port , and the models with a VE. Direct port. Only the models with the VE. Direct port can be used with VictronConnect and corresponding dongles. The minimal required version of the VE. Bus devices is 19xx for European units and 20xx for V, which were released in Older models, 18xxxxx are not supported. Mixed systems in parallel to are not supported by vebus-interface, not for readout and not for settings; even though VEConfigure will support this. To connect wirelessly, the VE. Bus Smart dongle accessory is required. The supplied functionality is monitoring as well as operation of the product: Changing the configuration, as well as firmware updating a VE.

Bus product, is not supported. Bus BMS installed. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search. You are here: Table of Contents VictronConnect manual. Compatibility notes on operating systems, phones and tablets. Direct USB connected devices. Bus, and similar products. For a list of products compatible with VictronConnect please see section: Compatible Victron products. There are three ways to connect to a Victron product: Enable the Bluetooth setting on your device, but do not pair outside of VictronConnect.

On your Phone or Tablet: The first time you attempt to connect the phone will ask to 'pair' with the device. Enter the pin code. The default pin code is The way you reset depends on which product you are using: The minimum required Android version to run VictronConnect is 4. The minimum required Android version to connect to a Victron product via Bluetooth is 4.

Required hardware is ARMv7 and later, as well as x Devices where we have seen this issue are: Asus Zenfone 2 with 5. Despite above, you can be sure that Victron is not interested in, nor tracking your location. To access 'Settings' click on the cog icon at the top right of the screen. Go to the Custom Name option, and select Edit and Done. This feature is not available in the iOS mobile version of VictronConnect. Save settings Connect your device to the Victron product, go to the 'Settings' page and click on the floppy disc icon. Load settings Connect your device to the Victron product, go to the 'Settings' page and click load icon , and then select a file from the list.

Share settings The 'Share settings' feature allows you to share the current product settings with other products, using your device. Settings file manager The Settings file manager is located in the main menu. From here files can be opened, shared or removed. Open settings file When opening a file from the settings file manager a snapshot of the product at the point the setting file was saved is shown.


VictronConnect contains a library with demonstration settings for all the supported products. The demo feature can be used to: Learn about the settings which are available on your Victron product. By exploring the library's example-settings you will discover the full capability of your product.

iPad Benutzerhandbuch für iOS 12 iPhone- / iPad-App

Create a specific product setup, save it …and then send it to a customer so that they have those settings on their device, and can install them on their Victron product. Besides loading products from the standard library, it is also possible to load them from a saved file using the 'Settings file manager'. Review settings made to your installations, make changes, and then send them to whoever is on-site so that they can apply them. How can I see what firmware version is available? Do I need to be connected to the internet for updating firmware? How does it work? Will I need to reconfigure my device after the update?

This is not needed very often. Some reasons to do so could be: Update to a very recent version, thats already available on Victron Professional but not yet shipped with VictronConnect. Note that instead of going throught this effort, you can also wait a bit longer, for a new version of VictronConnect to be released. Update a product to a special version, such as the required to disable Bluetooth in the Lithium batteries.

See the files in Victron Professional for more information about that. Go to the app that contains the firmware file, tap on it, and open it with VictronConnect. Select the desired file from the list. Once selected you will be guided through the update process.

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A troubleshooting guide relevant to firmware updates can be found in chapter 9. Direct product s found. Try again and check the product settings once updated. Product might be unusable. Check connection and power supply. Check the product settings. Manual action required. Error Description 1 Error reading file.

Please remove the product from the list of paired devices and retry.