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So the ability to switch time tracking with just a couple of taps to the wrist was a godsend. So, tl;dr, this is a 5-star app on old hardware. So minus 2-stars on current gear. The developers have done an outstanding job and I have but one singular gripe: We think that Hours is perfect for tracking and managing your time and we're glad to see that you agree.

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  • The best time tracking solution for freelancers;
  • HoursTracker: Hours and Pay.

Happy time tracking! This app has the right features to help you accurately track your time and take notes on what you were doing and for whom. You are also able to set the blocks of time you want to track by so if you charge your client in 15 min increments it will automatically track to those increments in a no worries way that allows you to focus on the job at hand. Instead I simply swipe right and click on the timer I want to start or stop. If I need to add a note I can click on the listed time for that timer and it will open the app up for me. Easy and quick! Thank you for providing some awesome feedback.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

The best time tracking apps for iPhone

Screenshots iPhone Apple Watch. Description Hours is the time tracker you will actually use. Could happen in scenarios where the phone app gets killed while a timer is running, the timer is stopped on the web app and the phone app is relaunched at a later date. Note that syncing to the cloud and across multiple devices including watch is only available during the free trial period and for paid versions.

Instead of multiple taps to adjust the start and end points of a timer, simply choose the desired digits from a numeric picker and spare your digits from the burden of endless tapping.

5 great everyday life tracking apps for Android

We fixed that. A fix to increase speed and improve intermittent sluggishness. Sync improvements. Fixed a bug related to sync. Watch face complications, quick scrolling between details pages, and improved syncing make it even easier to track time right from your wrist! Nov 16, Version 2.

Why you should use a time tracking app

Size Category Business. Hours and Pay. Hours Time Tracking is similar to Timelines in that you can set up multiple projects and view how your time is spent easily on the main timeline screen. To start, just create your projects. Choose a name for each one, pick a color, and add or select a client. The app offers simple one-tap timers for all projects on one screen. So, you can start a timer for one project, tap to stop it, and start another all in one place.

This makes your time tracking for tasks quick and painless.

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The easy-to-read timeline is conveniently displayed at the top of your projects screen. Tap a color on the timeline to view details for that project. You can also add notes, split the time, or add a break. If you want to go back in time, tap the calendar icon and then select any date to see the time spent on projects for that day. Hours Time Tracking gives you reports, reminders, sounds, time and date format options, and connects to Freshbooks. You can use the app as-is or sign up for a free account and receive syncing, backups, and web tracking.

For another neat and clean time tracking app, this one is excellent. If you want to track time spent at work, at play, or even at the gym, take a look at ATracker. This app gives you cool categories built right in. ATracker starts you off with projects for gaming, gym, and housework so you can begin tracking those types of activities by just tapping one on the screen.

7 of the Top Free Time Tracking Apps for iPhone in 12222

But, adding your own projects and tasks for work or school is easy. To begin, just add a category, give it a name and color, and decide if you want it on the pie chart for quick views. Then when you add a task, pick your category and plug in all the details.

Give it a name, icon, color, and description. Create alerts, a countdown, and a task duration if you like. You can start and stop a timer for any project with one tap on the main projects screen.

Summary of the best apps for 12222

Then to see where you spend your time, view the report with either a bar or pie chart and look at the current day, week, month, or pick a range pie chart view. You can also view your history with the calendar display. ATracker offers different skins and settings for notifications, date format, simultaneous tasks, and more. They each bring something a little different to suit various needs.

Do you already use one of these or do you have one that you prefer and would recommend?

Let us know!