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Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! Contact Us. The Trakt Network option allows users to access content from the Trakt Network, which includes a wide range of movies and TV shows. This section is pretty easy to navigate around and find the content you want. Both will open up a decent list of on-demand content for you to choose from. Meanwhile, there is also a section called Screeners which is the place to head if you want to watch new movie content.

This section is a little more straightforward to navigate and open up a list of well over new movies for you to choose from.

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They are listed alphabetically with a nice synopsis and is more what users have come to expect from an on-demand section of an addon. This is a slightly odd addition to the addon, but I guess some users may find it of interest. It features three options when you open it up. Live Cams features 24 CCTV camera feeds from across Australia, Australian Government features video feeds from the different house of the Australian parliament, and Special Events presumably features coverage of Australian events but was empty while we were testing. It is fair to say that the music and radio section of The Kingdom addon is a work in progress.

There were three links at the time we were testing. The Australian Digital Radio section offers a selection of around 35 Australian radio stations which can be listened to live. It is probably safe to assume that the developers hope to add much more to this section in the weeks and months ahead. If you are looking for an addon with the widest possible selection of Australian content then The Kingdom addon is the place to go. But that does come with a caveat.

Useful tips: How to Watch Live Australian TV with Chromecast

The Kingdom addon does warn that some of its content may be geo-restricted. Many Australian TV channels do employ geo-restrictions to stop people outside Australia from accessing their content. You should already have signed up to a VPN before downloading and install the Kodi addon. Once you have signed up, open your VPN and connect to a server in Australia. When you are connected, try to stream the channel in question again. It should now work without a problem. With a VPN, there is pretty much no limit as to what this addon has to offer. It lives up to its billing as an all-in-one addon with both IPTV streams and on-demand content well catered for.

Freeview launches Australian TV streaming app

When you are selecting content on The Kingdom Addon, it requires you to choose which link you want to use. However, it gives minimal information about what differentiates these links. There is no advice on the quality of the stream or where it is being sourced from, which means choosing links is essentially just guesswork. It matters too because some of the links available are much better than others.

In an all-in-one addon, this issue seems more common but is nonetheless disappointing. By providing more information about the links, users are able to choose the quality of the stream and the link sources which work best for them. How could we forget YouTube? It also offers live streaming services over a range of various channels.

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So please, do your Chromecast a favour and download the YouTube app today. Haystack is a news channel service that streams tailored content based on your interests and location. As you rate each news story, Haystack grows smarter about what interests you and customises your channel accordingly!

More and more apps are adding Chromecast support all the time. Foxtel Now When Foxtel gave its popular and affordable streaming service a brand-new name and logo, it also quietly updated its mobile and tablet apps to provide full support for Chromecast. Red Bull TV Do you enjoy sports?