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AnandTech has additional information about the iPhone 4S antenna capabilities that also may be of interest. Apple reports that the iPhone 4S is twice as fast overall and has seven times the graphics performance, and independent benchmarks and testing largely confirm this claim. Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are capable of running iOS 5, iOS 6 , and iOS 7 , but specific features supported by each operating system are different on each device. Perhaps most notably, regardless of iOS version, only the iPhone 4S is capable officially of running " Siri ," Apple's acquired "intelligent assistant" software program that endeavors to parse naturally spoken questions and provide voice answers using the web as its source and perform basic software tasks as well like adding an appointment to a calendar or preparing and sending a text message.

In the "real world," Siri doesn't always perform perfectly, but it still can be useful. However, both devices support all basic functionality -- Control Center, Notification Center, and Multitasking, as well as Safari and iTunes Radio -- in addition to "Filters in Photos" and an assortment of photo functionality that Apple refers to as "Square and video formats and swipe to capture.

Unlocked iPhone 4S Prices

Running iOS 8, the iPhone 4S most notably is not compatible with the "Continuity" feature and running iOS 9, feature support is bare bones at best. It doesn't support advanced operating system features like predictive Siri, third-party Spotlight search, public transit directions in Maps and more. Based on hands-on experience, if performance is most important to you, you should run iOS 7 on your iPhone 4S. However, application support for iOS 7 has become more and more of an issue since it was discontinued.

If application compatibility is more important to you than performance, iOS 8 or iOS 9 are your only option short of buying a newer iPhone. This video from iAppleBytes does an excellent job demonstrating the performance difference between iOS 7 on the left and iOS 9 on the right running on the iPhone 4S and help you to decide whether or not you feel the performance loss is worth the compatibility gain:. Note that if you have upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to a newer version of the operating system, it is not possible to "downgrade" it to an earlier version without resorting to jailbreaking or other hacks.

These differences -- processor, storage, connectivity, battery life, software, cameras, and identifiers -- along with pricing information are summarized below for your convenience:. Unlocked and contract free models were available at a premium. For intro pricing in dozens of other countries, see the "Global Prices" on the specs page for each iPhone as well as the " By Global Original Prices " section of Everyi.

When an iPhone is new, the vast majority of the cost of owning the device is tied to the service plan, at least in countries where it is sold locked to -- and subsidized by -- a mobile carrier, as was the case when the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were introduced in the United States. If you're considering a now very cheap iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on the used market to save money, be sure that you have a sufficient budget to cover the carrier costs. Note that if the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is locked to a particular carrier, this may limit your options, as well.

Most users on a tight budget likely would be best off purchasing a newer, but still used, model like an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone SE as operating system support is more modern and they likely would provide service for longer if the device is cared for properly.

However, for those who are on a particularly tight budget, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, particularly the iPhone 4S, remain worth consideration. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Matt Chan in iPhone , News. Darian says: October 4, at Mike says: October 5, at 4: Ricky says: October 6, at 5: Matt says: October 7, at Fares says: October 7, at 5: October 14, at You DUMB says: October 29, at 3: Combo Breaker says: November 1, at 9: Clown Puncher says: May 14, at 7: Happy Guy says: September 21, at 2: Eurobubba says: October 4, at 1: October 5, at October 6, at 1: Radio says: Hein Min says: October 15, at October 10, at 8: October 12, at 9: October 16, at 3: Where to Buy iPhone 4S says: October 16, at 6: October 17, at 3: But even those facilities are not enormous sources of jobs.

The Samsung plant has an estimated 2, workers. It is hard to estimate how much more it would cost to build iPhones in the United States. But such calculations are, in many respects, meaningless because building the iPhone in the United States would demand much more than hiring Americans — it would require transforming the national and global economies. Other companies that work with Apple, like Corning, also say they must go abroad. Manufacturing glass for the iPhone revived a Corning factory in Kentucky, and today, much of the glass in iPhones is still made there.

So we build our glass factories next door to assembly factories, and those are overseas. Corning was founded in America years ago and its headquarters are still in upstate New York. Theoretically, the company could manufacture all its glass domestically. Flaws said. Asia has become what the U.

How the US Lost Out on iPhone Work

It was , and the facility near Sacramento employed more than 1, workers. It was a kaleidoscope of robotic arms, conveyor belts ferrying circuit boards and, eventually, candy-colored iMacs in various stages of assembly. He and his wife had three children. They bought a home with a pool. At the same time, however, the electronics industry was changing, and Apple — with products that were declining in popularity — was struggling to remake itself. One focus was improving manufacturing. A few years after Mr.

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Saragoza started his job, his bosses explained how the California plant stacked up against overseas factories: Rather it was costs like inventory and how long it took workers to finish a task. Saragoza said. I wanted to see my kids play soccer. Modernization has always caused some kinds of jobs to change or disappear.

As the American economy transitioned from agriculture to manufacturing and then to other industries, farmers became steelworkers, and then salesmen and middle managers. These shifts have carried many economic benefits, and in general, with each progression, even unskilled workers received better wages and greater chances at upward mobility.

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  • But in the last two decades, something more fundamental has changed, economists say. Midwage jobs started disappearing. Even Mr.

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    Saragoza, with his college degree, was vulnerable to these trends. Then the robotics that made Apple a futuristic playground allowed executives to replace workers with machines. Some diagnostic engineering went to Singapore. Saragoza was too expensive for an unskilled position. He was also insufficiently credentialed for upper management. He was called into a small office in after a night shift, laid off and then escorted from the plant.

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    • He taught high school for a while, and then tried a return to technology. There were employment prospects in Silicon Valley, but none of them panned out. Saragoza, who today is 48, and whose family now includes five of his own. After a few months of looking for work, he started feeling desperate. Even teaching jobs had dried up. So he took a position with an electronics temp agency that had been hired by Apple to check returned iPhones and iPads before they were sent back to customers. Every day, Mr. Some of that wealth has gone to shareholders.

      The bounty has also enriched Apple workers. In , Mr. As the company has grown, it has expanded its domestic work force, including manufacturing jobs. While other companies have sent call centers abroad, Apple has kept its centers in the United States. After two months of testing iPads, Mr. Saragoza quit. The pay was so low that he was better off, he figured, spending those hours applying for other jobs.

      On a recent October evening, while Mr. She is not an Apple employee. But Mrs.

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      Lin earns a bit less than what Mr. Saragoza was paid by Apple. She speaks fluent English, learned from watching television and in a Chinese university. She and her husband put a quarter of their salaries in the bank every month. They live in a 1,square-foot apartment, which they share with their in-laws and son.