X ray vision for cell phone camera

But the researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research wanted to find a way to bring it to consumers.

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Existing hyperspectral cameras are much more costly, the researchers said. The camera was presented at the UbiComp conference along with a paper detailing the hardware.

The goal for the device is to be used in addition to a mobile phone camera for a more powerful device as you're walking down the grocery store aisle. When put to the test with 10 different fruit, the HyperCam could predict the ripeness of the fruit with 94 percent accuracy, way better than the 62 percent accuracy of a regular camera. Because the HyperCam can pick up so many wavelengths of light, it's able to pick up more detail than the average camera, especially when it comes to fingerprints.

The camera also has the potential to be used as a biometric tool for security systems.

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  8. The researchers found that in photos of 25 different users, the system could distinguish the hand images with 99 percent accuracy. There are some limitations to the technology right now, so it might not be as simple as waltzing into the grocery store.

    Hypercam that could give your phone 'X-ray vision' to see inside objects

    The camera's technology doesn't work under bright lights, because it's too much for the sensors. And it's not quite small enough to fit in your pocket, so it may be some time until you can use it on your phone. She's living the high life! Thursday, Feb 21st 5-Day Forecast.

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    Turn a Cell Phone Camera Into Xray

    If it worked, why didn't we see the dude in his skivvies? I call this a hoax no way you can see a picture put on this filter and you can see what they are wearing underneath. Was the video posted on 1st Apr??? This has been around for years, it works best using a Sony Handycam with night vision mode. You just screw the filter in which only allows infra-red light through. It's wavelength allows the light to pass through some materials that normal light won't, effectively letting you see through.

    It's not really like the airport systems at all as they work using radio emissions in the Millimeter wave bands from what I remember. I know they had developed a passive system that picks up the body's natural emissions, though they may employ some sort of active system now. I haven't looked to be honest as I'm not planning to go to the airport.

    Loads of info at this link: Originally posted by Crakeur it removed a woman's clothing from a picture.

    X-Ray Vision Smartphones? In-Cell Touchscreens? A T ‘Liquidmetal’ iPhone 5? | ylimufoc.ga

    Yeah back in the day the sony handicams could be converted to use the nightshot mode in daylight. Not true x-ray vision but depending on what people where wearing the IR would reflect back differently so you could see different materials as layers. Also most ccd chips in webcams, cheap cameras etc.

    Cheapo night vision..