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Load Remote Images: Images can be turned off to save data.

Get notifications from the Yahoo Mail app

Organize by Thread: Collapse Read Messages: Most Recent Message on Top: For threaded conversations, use this to display the latest message at the top of the list. Complete Threads: When this is enabled, every message in a conversation thread, including those that are deleted or in other folders, are shown as part of the conversation. Always Bcc Myself: Mark Addresses: Tap this and enter an email domain name for example, gmail.

With that set, any email address that doesn't use that domain is highlighted in red.

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Increase Quote Level: Default Account: Choose the email account that messages are sent from by default. You can control how email gets downloaded to your phone and how often your phone checks for new mail by following these steps: In this section, there are three options: Push, Accounts, and Advanced Push: Automatically downloads or "pushes" all email from your account to your phone as soon as they're received.

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The alternative is that emails are only downloaded when you check your mail. Not all email accounts support this, and it runs down battery life faster. Tap each account and then tap Fetch or Manual. The traditional way of checking email. It checks your email every 15, 30, or 60 minutes and downloads any messages that have arrived since you last checked. You can also set it to check manually. This is used if Push is disabled.

Step 1: Turn notifications on in the Yahoo Mail app

The less often you check email, the more battery you'll save. Access these by following these steps: Tap Settings. Tap the account you want to configure.

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Tap Account. Tap Advanced. While different account types have some different options, the most common are covered here: Drafts Mailbox: Tap this to select the mailbox that this email account saves draft emails to by default.

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Deleted Mailbox: Choose the mailbox that deleted emails are moved to by default. Archive Mailbox: If this account supports archiving email rather than just deleting it , tap this option to select the mailbox that archived messages are moved to. Move Discarded Messages Into: Choose whether discarded emails are Deleted or Archived here.

What Do the iPhone Email Settings Do?

The iPhone currently supports MobileMe, Yahoo! Type your name, email address, password and description on the account setup screen and tap "Next" to verify the account. Tap "On" next to "Mail" and next to "Calendars" and "Notes" if you want to sync them as well.

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