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Given performance numbers seen in the GLBenchmark database, the Adreno is between two- and four-times faster in a comparable 3D environment. Most SoC performance comparisons are based on scores generated in Android, due to the greater availability of benchmarks.

There simply aren't many metrics available for WP7 yet. The one program we are comfortable using is WPBench, but it's only able to provide results relative to other WP7-based phones.

Nokia Lumia 710 Preview

Based on the results, it's fair to say that the Lumia and fare decently. As we know, just because two phones employ the same hardware and operating system doesn't mean you should expect identical performance. Each vendor takes software optimization to a different level, and you see the result of that disparate behavior here. Software Review.

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Page 1: Nokia's Lumia , Reviewed. Page 2: Windows Phone 7: A Quick Rundown. Page 3: Special Features: Page 4: LCD Analysis: Page 5: Camera Quality: Autofocus Makes Things Better.

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Page 6: Video Samples: Not only does the polycarbonate have a lovely matt finish, but it also resists scratches well and causes no issues with hampering phone signal, unlike some metal encased phones. Of course it would be remiss of us not to point out that all these design qualities were also present in the Nokia N9 , the ill-fated first MeeGo phone that Nokia essentially killed before it launched, by announcing it was going to be sticking to Windows Phone exclusively not to mention it never even launched in the UK.

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Hey ho, bygones and all that…. Key Specifications Review Price: Next Hardware and Screen Review.

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