Blackberry green light wont turn on

Help last night i out bb for charging when i got up the next morning its wont turn on black and red light flashing but nothing I found a Blackberry pearl and the dang thing wont turn on. The only thing that happens is a little red flashing light at the top. I really like the phone to and hope to find out whats wrong with it!!

My battery was low last night and I forgot to put it on the charger. This am put it on wall charger and nothing but a flashing red light and the hour glass trying to boot up - without any success. I tried some tips from previous posts but no luck yet I just received my bb pearl refurb. I plugged it in and it will not turn on.

Can anyone help? Am I missing something? Hi, I have the same problem.

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I had allready removed the memory card as I suspected there may be a problem with it or at least remove it from the equation? I had intended to reinstall the software LOL. But now I can't even do that? Any help on this would be much appreciated Regards, Anton Hi, I have the same problem.

Any help on this would be much appreciated Regards, Anton. I have a BB pearl it wont turn on and when i take out the battery and put it back in a red light just ons for a little bit and thats all I've tried taking the battery out and taking the sim card out but nothing. What should i do people keep telling me my phone is dead. I have the same problem I unplugged it from the computer and it just flashed 2 I have the same problem I unplugged it from the computer and it just flashed 2.

My battery died on my blackberry tour and when I try to charge it I just get a red light for about 5 seconds and it goes away and its still not charging Any suggestions? I just had the same issue, did you get any replies? My own to My own to. Remove the battery, hold the end call button and put the battery back in. The red light should stay on for a while now. Push and hold the call button and alternate with the end call button untill the hourglass shows.

Allow some time to boot up. I stumbled upon this, so if this doesnt work, try simmilar procedrues. I did get mine to work. Good Luck, dont give up, it flashes that code for a reason. Posted on Jun 23, It woke up for a second, talked to my computer for a second, then clicked off. Hopefully it'll be charging now. Fingers crossed.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable trick. It really worked for my pearl!!!. The first solution works best hole down the red power button so the red LED light stays up,and then hold the green button.

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When the red LED light dissapears press the red power button end call button again, and it will do a hard reset. Posted on Aug 20, Mine wont turn on i just get a flashing red light some one please help me Posted on Apr 21, Hi No Problem 1 The red blinking light you have a text message waiting 2 The blank screen is a sleep push the button on the very top left 3 Turn it off and it works Please do rate me.

Posted on Feb 25, Posted on Mar 19, I hope someone from Blackberry sees these posts, and the many similar ones I've found on the web. There's obviously a major defect in Blackberry as far as power management. I've had 3 units in the past 4 months. All have the same symptoms: They work fine for a few weeks, then suddenly the battery won't hold a charge for more the a couple hours. Even replacing the battery doesn't help. If this is user error, I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. Neither can the technical support people.

Blackberry for me is a total piece of junk.

Posted on Jun 28, P i got it- leave your charger in Posted on Jun 26, Posted on Aug 22, With no light on right? That's how mine is currently With no light on right? That's how mine is currently. After dropping my phone in water I let it dry for twelve hours, then I followed the solution above by removing my battery but it didn't work until I again removed my batter but this time also removing my sim card and wiping off the dried water stains. I reinserted both the sim card and the battery and then followed the rest of the advice by holding down the red button and then alternating with the green button.

My phone rebooted in a few seconds and all my data is still there! Posted on Feb 15, Guys u may like my solution or not Posted on Jan 05, Posted on Dec 05, My pearl has been acting weird for months. Shuts down for no reason, only reinserting the battery will bring it back; sometimes have to wiggle the battery to get it back up; but this red flashing light seems to be a death rattle. I've tried every combination of charger, battery, sim chip, wiggle, and flat out pounding on it; and all I get is the flash.

Posted on Jun 22, Okay well today,i call tmobile and they direct me to blackberry tec. Im out of luck.. Posted on Mar 10, This happened to me I reset my sim card The battery is really dead so yo must charge with a wall socket no usb cable no enough power to load driver Also Posted on May 20, Same thing hapend to me, i went camping so wasnt able to charge my blackberry curve, so had to let it completelly die. All you need to do is leave it plugged in without the battery in, and keep taking it out and putting it back in, untill the screen stays black but the small light will flas orange.

Posted on Jul 25, Posted on Dec 16, My black berry flashes the red light an it cant connect to the usb i pluggedit in an nothing happens. Posted on Sep 10, The real problem: BlackBerries have issues with power management, especially if they get fully discharged batteries. The real solution: Unplug Remove battery for at least 10 seconds Re-Insert battery Start er up and use your phone! Posted on Sep 19, This worked for me. My phone was acting funny It didn't turn back on!!!

I unplugged the phone. I removed the battery. Left it out for 10 seconds. It's powering up now. I do not like this phone, but at least it is working!!! Worked for me. Thank you! Had the battery out for about 10 minutes after charging it overnight. Posted on Jul 20, There are a few sources of this error: Use a multimeter to find out the voltage.

If it is 3. Try a firmware restore go to: If that doesn't work only way to get it up and running again is to open your blackberry to physically replace the logic board. If you want somebody else to doit for you go to Blackberry Repair. If you want to do it yourself, here is a Blackberry Repair Guide that shows how, the part is available on Ebay. Posted on Jul 19, My Pearl's radio shut off during a call. All was well with the battery. It would remain full for 2 - 3 days on a full charge for almost 1 year. I plugged the unit in to charge it.

The radio was off because it shut off when the power was too low and I tried to turn it on in connections menu and it wouldnt go back on. I then tried to restart the phone and it wouldnt turn back on.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is unable to charge when powered off

I followed the directions for hard reset and the phone is now back on. The only thing is the battery will not charge at all now. So the radio wont go back on! My phone had water damage, because my month old son was teething on it. A friend of mine told me to put it in rice and let it sit there so the rice could absorb the moisture. It finally started working after about 3 days of laying in the bown of dry white rice.

But then all of a sudden the next day it was completely dead again Posted on Jun 30, Each charge 'stacks' on top of the previous and over a duration builds up sufficient change in the device for it to either boot, or at least then accept a proper charge. In essence, this process builds enough charge for the CPU and power management chip to activate, which in turn allows the device to charge properly. Again, allow a good 30 minutes or so before turning on the device. If both the above fail then it means the device has absolutely no power at all not even the LED flashes.

In such instances the device may need to be dismantled and the batteries accessed directly for charging - which bypasses the power management system. Needless to say this will void any warranties. SMF 2. All Rights Reserved.

Blackberry phone won't turn on - LED blinking red each 5 seconds

BlackBerry Priv review As is the case with most current generation smartphones and tablets however, the BlackBerry Priv is not without its issues. Problem 1 — Security update results in error screen on reboot. BlackBerry Priv videos. How To. Ankit Banerjee. You Might Like. Sunday Giveaway. Pocophone F1 international giveaway! February 17,