Updated my ipad lost my calendar

Solution 1: Retrieve Missing Calendars and Reminders from Email Account

How do I get all of my calendar entries back? I turned my iPhone off and back on several times and nothing has come back. Please help! Jul 18, Oct 26, 2: Having same problems.

How to Retrieve Deleted Calendars on iPad (iPad, Air, Mini, Pro)

ALL my calendat entries have gone on my iPad2. Gives me little faith in iCloud. Yes the sync All Events is ON. Dec 7, 1: Apr 17, 6: The first thing you want to check is icloud. If not you will need to recover from a back up. More than likely our iPad was baking up to iCloud if you turned on the Back up feature, so you would want to go to settings, then iCloud and click on storage and back up to check there to see when your iPad last backed up to iCloud if it did at all.

If you are unsure of the steps or you are not able to do either you should contact iCloud support through expresslane. Apr 21, 8: Thank you Captain Oversteer. I thought I lost all my entries for the last 4 years. Also note if you have more than two i-devices to make sure you check all them with Captains instructions.

How to Recover Deleted Reminders and Calendar from iPhone for Free

Jun 22, Page content loaded. Jul 9, 2: Jul 15, 2: Jul 29, I just purchased an iPad and was trying to sync my calendar with my iPhone and I noticed that everything beyond a month prior was not showing up, but I knew it had to still be there Sep 24, Sep 2, Today I lost all iCal calendar entries between May and August, and half of my calendar entries but not ALL of my calendar entries from August and who knows how many from the fall going forward.

No back ups fixed it. The iCloud was also corrupted as was the copy on my laptop. Thank you Apple for teaching me to keep a paper copy of my calendar, as no matter how many digital copies of my calendar I have, they are clearly not trustworthy. A Professor whose been using your products since they were actually called "Apples" and who should have known better.

How to Restore Lost Contacts/Reminders/Calendar on iPhone

Sep 29, Oct 21, 2: Feb 5, Solution 1: Solution 2: Log into iCloud. Select an archive of calendars and reminders to restore.

How to Recover Deleted Reminders and Calendar from iPhone for Free

Solution 3: Step 1: Run the freeware on the computer; Select Calendar and Reminders. Step 2: Step 3: Preview and choose the deleted Calendar events and Reminders to recover. Last updated on August 25th, by Leo Follow Us: