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With it you can chat to your Google contacts, and make voice and video calls to individuals or groups. Do you need yet another messaging app? Hangouts has some advantages. Its best features are its Google account integration, and its excellent synced notifications.

With Hangouts, notifications are synced immediately - it feels much more reliable than most apps in this sense. So if you're chatting in your browser, you won't see notifications on your phone every time you get a new message - but you can be sure you will get a notification if you have not read the message. Hangouts is way ahead of multiplatform apps like Skype in this sense.

It's much more reliable. Well designed and simple. The latest version has new sticker packs, and now allows you to see the last time your contacts were online. Like WhatsApp, you can turn this feature off, in your profile settings annoyingly Hangouts will periodically ask you if you want to re-enable this. You can also easily share your location from Hangouts with a single tap, and set your status or mood for your contacts to see.

One thing Hangouts lacks is access to your Google Drive files. But overall, it's a very usable messaging app. A complete messaging app. If you use Google services like Gmail, Hangouts is really easy to get started with. It's a very complete messaging app, with text, SMS, video and audio calls, and more. Because you can also easily use it from your desktop browser and in Gmail, it's one of the most convenient messaging apps around.

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As with most free messaging apps, there is a cost; here it's that your data is kept 'anonymously' by Google to help it provide you with tailored advertisements across its services. This badge shows the current availability of the owner. Clicking on the badge results a chat request notification to the owner who can respond by clicking on the specified URL.

During the conversation, both parties have to use the Google Talk Gadget and both parties remain anonymous to each other, even the Google Account name of the owner is not revealed to the other peer.

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On November 11, , Google Chat voice and video chat was launched enabling computer to computer voice and video chat. On April 20, , Google announced that it was shutting down the mobile web app for Google Talk. In June , Google announced that they were planning to revamp the chat experience by merging Google Talk with Hangouts and Google Messenger to reduce confusion and fragmentation. Singhal stated that as long as Google Talk is available, 3rd party client apps could be expected to continue to work.

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On October 30, , Google announced on their Apps Updates blog that "The Google Talk app for Windows will continue to work for approximately two months before being turned off". On February 3, , Google sent a system message to users stating, "Google Talk app for Windows will stop working on Feb 16, It is replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app. On February 13, , Google developer Mayur Kamat posted a clarification that XMPP service relied-on by third-party chat apps would continue after the deprecation of the Windows-specific Google Talk client.

After Google officially stopped supporting Google Talk for Windows on February 23, , the application continued to function normally during an apparent grace period lasting until February As of that date, connection attempts returned an error message stating "Username and password do not match. We wanted to let you know that this was discontinued on February 23rd, We recommend giving Hangouts a try so you can chat with all your Google contacts. The Google Talk for Windows application will purportedly still work by connecting through applications using the Jabber protocol including Pidgin and Gajim but cannot connect directly through Google or Gmail.

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