Best ios 7 wallpapers cydia

Live and dynamic wallpaper is something new and only available in iOS 7.

For those who are using iOS 7, there are tons of cool Cydia wallpapers is waiting for you. Sometimes, the coolest wallpaper is the photo you took yourself. With the advanced technology we have today, there are at least three great Cydia apps available in Cydia App Store that allows you to shoot a photo and turn it into nice wallpapers for your iOS device.

Best Cydia Wallpapers

Previously was vWallpaper and now it is vWallpaper 2. It allows you to add video wallpaper on your Springboard to create live wallpaper. If the video you choose comes with sound, then you will get moving wallpaper with sound. Otherwise, you can go to the download page from your iOS 7 device and download wallpapers from its database.

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Having a live wallpaper with sound is definitely a cool thing to do but the one thing you must keep in mind is that the battery life of your device. To add vWallpaper 2, open Cydia and add its official repo http: You will never know there are so many things you can do with your home screen and lock screen background until you download iWallpapers. There are more than , astonishing wallpapers and the database is counting. Well, can you believe such a wonderful app is free to download? Live Paper is a wonder Cydia tweak when it comes to animated wallpapers. These bubbles are huge as you may have seen in some chatting apps.

This free cydia tweak creates a cool Virtual Home button on your screen that can be moved from place to place on the screen.

Top 30 Best Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 to iOS 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

It acts as the home button in the bottom half of your screen and becomes the lock button in the top half of your screen. You can also optimize opacity of the button on your screen. But you may need to perform any sound involving action like playing a song before it takes effect of your changes. You can set both the Background color that is the status bar color and the Foreground color that is the color of the status bar contents like battery,network,text etc. Then if you slide that slider it performs the mentioned action. Thus, it simplifies the power options without using the power button multiple times using the slide to unlock like user interface.

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You can configure all this and more in the Settings app. It makes the icons in the dock to jump up and down when they have a notification. You can even customize the color of the glow.

iOS 7 Special 2 - 1/6 iOS 7 Dynamic Wallpaper in iOS 6 - Cydia Tweak

This is a keyboard tweak that brings some amazing swipe gesture shortcuts on each key of your keyboard. For example, you can set a shortcut for a word to the letter on the keyboard which starts with that letter. You can attach two actions to a single key.

Get Hidden Wallpapers in iOS 7 - How to

You can configure which colors appear, which apps to color, the frequency of the color change etc. For example, after you have adjusted your Volume the volume HUD stays on screen for a while. When you make that gesture the password interface appears, then you need type in the password you set, then your screen will be locked as it is without actually locking the display. When you want to unlock, just repeat the gesture and type in the password again, your phone comes back to normal. This tweak needs to have Activator App on your device.

All you need to do is just open the Camera app and tap anywhere on screen to take photos. When you tap it, it expands to show the full report. You can watch HD videos on YouTube on cell networks. It also has something called Background Audio Enabler using which you can continue listening to a video even after it is closed. You can also get a cool white keyboard on YouTube.

You can colorize your Volume HUD that appears on screen whenever you adjust the volume. You can change colors too. It can be used along with Randomy. Using this Free Cydia Tweak you can copy an entire note in the Notes app and paste anywhere you like. Tap on Copy then you can paste it wherever you want like in messages etc.

Get Beautiful Dynamic Wallpapers for iOS 7 Using This Jailbreak Tweak

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