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Alternatively, you can conduct a search using the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. When you find the app you want to install, tap on it and you can view reviews, screenshots and descriptions for that app. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to install. Paid apps will have two options. Follow the onscreen instructions. Once complete the app will be installed onto your phone. Read More About: Windows Phone. To add an attachment, select and the file. To send the message, select Reply to a message Select the conversation containing the message.

Select the message field, write your reply, and select Forward a message Select the conversation containing the message. Select and hold the message, and select forward. View a conversation You can see the messages you have sent to and received from a particular contact in a single conversation thread, and continue the conversation from that thread. The thread can contain text messages, multimedia messages, and instant messages.

On the start screen, select and the conversation. Link inboxes On the start screen, select a mailbox. Select link inboxes. Select rename linked inbox, enter a new name, and select. The new unified inbox is pinned to the start screen. If a mail contains a web address, to open the address in the phone web browser, select the address. Send a mail You can use your phone to write and send mail, and attach files to your mail. On the start screen, select a mailbox. Select To add a recipient from the People hub, select in the The focus is locked when the white rectangle stops blinking.

When the focus is locked, you can keep the camera key pressed halfway down, and recompose the picture. Take a picture of a moving object Are you at a sports event and want to capture the action with your phone?

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Use sports mode to take a sharper picture of moving people. Press and hold the camera key. Switch Include location information in pictures you take Send a picture You can send pictures in a multimedia message or mail. Send a picture in a multimedia message Select To add a recipient from the People hub, select. Share your video Record a video. Swipe right, tap and hold the video, and select share.. Select the sharing service, enter a caption if you like, and select Not all sharing services support all file formats or videos recorded in high quality.

Your pictures About the Pictures hub Select Pictures. View the available options Tap and hold the picture. Pictures can be sent to you in a mail or multimedia message. To view these pictures later, save them to the Pictures hub. Save a picture to the Pictures hub In the mail or multimedia message, select the picture and save to phone. Select the picture and Tip: You can also set your phone to periodically change the picture automatically.

Select shuffle background. To browse by category, swipe left or right.

Howto: Einrichtung des Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphones mit Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

Select the file you want to play. Pause and resume playback To pause playback, select ; to resume, select Fast-forward or rewind Select and hold Tip: To play songs and videos in a random order, select Tip: You can also use the Zune PC app to make playlists of your favourite music and videos, and copy them to your phone.

Save a radio station as a favourite Save your favourite radio stations so you can easily listen to them later. Select and radio. To save the station that you are listening to, select View the list of saved stations Select Remove a station from favourites Select Copy music and videos from your PC Marketplace About Marketplace Select Do you want to personalise your phone with more applications?

Or download games, also free of charge? Browse the Marketplace to find the latest content that is designed specifically for your phone. You can download: View top, new, or featured items, or browse categories Select applications or games, and swipe left or right. Search Marketplace Select When you view an item, related items are also displayed.

To see what others have to say about an item, select the item. You can also see a description, the price, and the size of the download. The download notification at the bottom of the main view indicates the number of items being downloaded. To view your download queue, select the notification. One item is downloaded at a time, and pending items wait in your download queue. If you need to, for example, temporarily close your Wi-Fi connection, select and hold the downloading item, and select pause. The availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by your location, satellite positions, buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions, and adjustments to GPS satellites made by the United States government.

GPS signals may not be available inside buildings or underground. Do not use GPS for precise location measurement, and never rely solely on the location information provided by GPS and cellular networks. Search for a location Maps helps you find specific locations, places of interest, and businesses. If you open the details page of a pushpin, you can easily get directions to it , share the location with friends , or pin it to the start screen Open the details page Select the pushpin.

Walk to a destination When you need to get to your destination on foot, Maps guides you with displayed turn-by-turn directions. Drive to your destination When you need clear turn-by-turn directions optimised for use while driving, Drive helps you get to your destination. Select Nokia Drive. Download or remove Drive maps To save on data costs when travelling, save new street maps to your phone before your journey.

If you're running low on space in your phone, you can remove some maps. Select Nokia Drive Settings Manage maps. Temporarily switch an alarm off Switch the alarm to Delete an alarm Select the alarm and For the alarm to sound, your phone must be switched on, and the phone volume needs to be loud enough. Update the time and date automatically You can set your phone to update the time, date, and time zone automatically. Edit or delete an appointment Select and hold the appointment, and select edit or delete. View your schedule You can browse your calendar events in different views.

To switch between the calendar views, swipe left or right. View a whole month In the agenda Select Mark a task as completed Select and hold the task, and select complete. Edit or delete a task Select and hold the task, and select edit or delete. Microsoft Office Mobile is your office away from the office. Wherever you are, you can create and edit Word documents and Excel workbooks, open and view PowerPoint slide shows, create notes with OneNote, and share documents with SharePoint.

Write your text.

This tutorial will explain how to add new app content to your Lumia 710

Edit a document Select the Word file. Change the text format and colour Select Select a word. To select several words, drag the arrows at each end to expand the selection. Edit a workbook Select the Excel file. To move to another worksheet, select and a worksheet. Add a comment to a cell Select Apply a filter to cells Select apply filter.

View and edit a PowerPoint presentation Add the finishing touches to your presentation en route to your meeting, with Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile. Select a PowerPoint file, and turn your phone on its side, so it is in landscape mode. To use the basic calculator, hold your phone upright. To use the scientific calculator, turn your phone on its side. Enter the first number of the calculation. Select a function, such as add or subtract.

Enter the second number of the calculation. After the update, the instructions in the user guide may no longer be up to date. You may find the updated user guide at www. Update your phone software Use the Zune PC app to update your phone software for new features and improved performance.

Before starting the update, make sure your phone has enough battery power. Your downloaded apps may not be included in the backup, but you can re-download them from the Marketplace, free of charge. Data transmission costs may apply. For more information, contact your network service provider. Back key Return to the previous screen Press. Your phone remembers all the apps and websites you have visited since the last time your screen was locked.

Do not attach any stickers to your SIM card. With the back of the phone facing you, place your fingernail in the gap on the right edge of the phone, and carefully lift and remove the back cover. Charge your phone About the battery Use only Nokia approved chargers designated for this phone. You can also use a compatible USB data cable to charge your phone. You can set your phone to automatically save power when the battery charge level is low. Get started When the battery is full, disconnect the charger from the phone, and then from the wall outlet.

To avoid breaking the charger connector, be careful when connecting or disconnecting the charger cable. Charge from a computer You can use USB charging when a wall outlet is not available. Data can be transferred while charging the device. Get started When the battery is full, first disconnect the USB cable from your phone, then from the computer.


If the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed or before any calls can be made. If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging, you may need to connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect it. Create your accounts Your phone guides you through the initial setup when you insert your SIM card and switch your phone on for the first time. If you can't connect to the internet, you can create the accounts later. If you already have a Windows Live ID or Nokia account, sign in with your existing username and password.

Get started On your old phone, switch Bluetooth on. On the start screen of your new phone, swipe left to the apps menu, and select Contacts Transfer. Select Continue, and switch Bluetooth on. Select your old phone from the list of found devices, and follow the instructions shown on both phones.

Do not connect products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector.

Nokia Lumia 710 Interactive Guide – An Online Manual to your Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Smartphone

If you connect an external device or headset, other than those approved by Nokia for use with this device, to the audio connector, pay special attention to volume levels. This is used to identify valid phones in the network. The number can also be used to block, for example, stolen 15 digits phones.

You may also need to give the number to Nokia Care services. Get started If you forget the code and your phone is locked, your phone will require service. Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data in your phone may be deleted. Basics If you have previously used another app, such as Nokia Ovi Suite, to sync your files between your phone and computer, you can set Zune to sync files to the same folders you have used earlier, and have your music and other content easily synced to your new phone.

Basics Touch screen actions To use your phone, tap or tap and hold the touch screen. Avoid scratching the touch screen. Never use an actual pen, pencil, or other sharp object on the touch screen. Open an app or other screen element Tap the app or element. Basics Swipe Place a finger on the screen, and steadily slide your finger in the desired direction. Swipe left or right between the start screen and the apps menu, or between different views in the hubs.

To quickly scroll through a long list or menu, slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen, then lift your finger. Basics Zoom in or out Place two fingers on an item, such as a map, picture, or web page, and slide your fingers apart or together. Use your phone when it's locked You can use certain features of your phone when it is locked, without having to enter the security code. Basics Switch between open apps You can see which apps and tasks are open in the background, and switch between them.

Press and hold , swipe left or right, and select the desired app. Personalize your phone Personalize the start screen Would you like to have only the content you need on the start screen? Move or remove tiles, and pin contacts, apps, and websites to the start screen. Basics Change your theme You can change the colors, to match your taste and mood. Select theme Background Accent color. You can save battery power if you use a darker background.

Change the background pictures Want to view your favorite landscape or pictures of your family more often? You can change the background picture of the lock screen and the Pictures hub and live tile. Basics Text input Use the virtual keyboard To open the virtual keyboard, select a text input field. You can use the virtual keyboard when holding your phone upright or on its side. Basics Delete a character Select the backspace key. Switch between the writing languages Select the language key.

Move the cursor Tap and hold the screen near the text, until a cursor is displayed. Without lifting your finger, drag the cursor to the desired location. To move the cursor to the next row or text input field, select the enter key. Basics Search inside an app In an app, such as Marketplace, select Enter your search word in the search field, then select from the proposed matches. To translate or search for text on the web, select scan text. Basics Your phone is roaming and not on your home mobile network.

Silent mode is switched on. Airplane mode is switched on. Vibrate mode is switched on. Battery power level Battery saver mode is switched on. The battery is charging. The icons may vary depending on your region or network service provider. Calls Calls Make a call On the start screen, select , and enter the phone number. This may not be possible in all regions. In this case, enter the international access code directly. Calls Divert calls to your voice mailbox or another phone number If you cannot answer your calls, you can divert incoming calls to your voice mailbox or another phone number.

Remember to set up your voice mailbox before diverting your calls there. To divert an incoming call to your voice mailbox, select ignore. People hub. You can also get in touch with your friends through social networking services. The social networking services are third party services and not provided by Nokia.

Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you are using as you may share information with a large group of people. Select a contact detail, fill in the fields, and select When you have added the details, select Edit a contact Select the contact and If the contact has several accounts linked in the contact card, select an account. Select , and start writing a name. The list filters as you write. Jump to a letter of the alphabet First select any letter, then the desired letter, and you jump to that point in your contacts list.

Change the preferred contact information for a contact Select the contact and the information you want to change, and when you're done, select Delete a contact group Select the group and delete If you change your picture on your phone, you can update your Facebook and Windows Live profiles at the same time. Internet Comment on a friend's post Swipe to what's new. Recent posts from your friends are displayed. On the post, select Write your comment, and select Upload a picture to a service After you take a picture, upload it to the web so all your friends can see what you're up to.

If the APN uses a proxy server, enter the address and port number in the appropriate fields.

Nokia Lumia 710 Manual / User Guide

If you later change your network service provider, for instructions on how to get the internet settings, go to www. Close the Wi-Fi connection Switch Wi-Fi networking Close a network connection If an application in the background is using an internet connection, you can close the connection without closing the application.

Internet Tip: If you do not have a flat-rate data plan from your network service provider, to save data costs in your phone bill, you can use a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet. Go to a website Select the address bar, enter a web address, and select Search the internet Select the address bar, and enter a search word. Select While browsing, select add to favorites.