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August 16, 7: Similar News. Vivo V15 Pro First Impressions: Is it a masterstroke from Vivo? Google remove 28 fake apps that show ads instead of utility. Vivo V15 Pro with world's first megapixel pop-up selfie camera launched in India. Realme teases Realme 3 ahead of expected launch in March. IQOO first smartphone confirmed to launch on March 1st. You might like this. Related News. Login with. Facebook Google Plus. Video gallery. Samsung Galaxy M 20 vs Realme U1: Camera comparison. Camera Review. Developers in detail worked out its gameplay.

Game process. This game is sure to please all fans of quality racing. You will be able to drive the most prestigious cars in the world. However, exclusive supercars will have to start earning money. You will be able to test your strengths in both single and multiplayer games. In the latter case, you can compete with other players for the title of champion. In the beginning of the game, you will be given a little training. In the course of it, you can choose the most optimal type of control.

Presented only four options, so if any of them do not suit you, then you can always change it. The game is remarkable for a truly huge car fleet.

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Each vehicle has certain characteristics that must be taken into account. Having accumulated a sufficient amount of in-game currency, you can buy the best sports cars in the world. However, it is worth noting that it is for this reason that the application weighs a lot. Absolutely all vehicles look beautiful and realistic. High-quality reflections will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated players. The scenery and the tracks are also superbly detailed. The classic version of the racing arcade for Android. Here, among other things, you will find real three-dimensionality, excellent soundtrack, and very good picture quality.

Available as a single game, and over the network. In a single race there are several types of races: In race mode for a while, you yourself, without rivals, drive through the track. Here you can get acquainted with different routes and train in their passage in minimum time. In survival mode, you should try not to go last, as the last car periodically drops out of the race. In a fast race, you randomly pick up the track and car, so you do not know in advance on which car and which track you will be racing on.

Well, the basic mode is the career mode. Here you will find many trails, prizes, the possibility of buying new cars. The game Raging Thunder 2 differs from other races by the presence of arcade elements. So, you can choose different bonuses and usefulness during the race. For example, accelerators, additional protection of the machine from collisions, money, stars for tricks, repair points, and so on. During the next run, you almost physically feel how the blood boils. It is remarkable implemented chases and excellent transmission of the effect of speed — the key features that distinguish the game among themselves.

And other aspects of the game do not lag behind — a large number of tracks, lots of cars, a variety of modes, and good graphics, as well as a mountain of bonuses for dessert. Also, the undeniable advantage of Raging Thunder 2 are the tracks — they are absolutely insane, with a huge number of hidden sites and secret paths.

Raging Thunder 2 — just what you need in order to feel the speed. Many fans of racing heard about the popular series, which was recently supplemented by the continuation of Asphalt 8: Its fans will be pleasantly surprised to get acquainted with the updated version of their favorite game. This time they are waiting for improved graphics and new features that make the gameplay as realistic as possible. The game collected 47 unique cars, which are represented by world manufacturers.

Gamers can not only drive them but also perform amazing tricks, such as jumping from a springboard, maneuvering in the air, and full coups during the flight. All this will take place on one of the nine colorful lines, which were copied from the most beautiful places on our planet. Mini Motor Racing — by name you can guess that you have to manage in small radio-controlled cars, on the same miniature tracks. In fact, there are a lot of similar games in the Play Market.

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Manufacturers have worked hard on this game — high-quality graphics and a magnificent drawing of machine models. The game has three game modes: All trails in the career mode are divided into 2 categories: For occupied places in this or that mode, we receive monetary compensation. The races themselves will be serious, with clashes, jumps, and drifts. Each race is attended by 2 to 6 riders. Unfortunately, the tracks are few, there are not more than 20 of them, but due to the fact that the camera angle and the direction of the ride are constantly changing, it seems that there are more of them.

During the race you will find money and bottles of nitrogen on the track, various bonuses and obstacles will give acceleration or vice versa, your car will slow down. In Mini Motor Racing, a full sense of speed, great graphics, and views of the landscape, like even a skeptical player.

In the game Mini Racing Adventures, you can once again make sure that the size of the vehicle is not important, it all depends on the power of the engine. If under the hood is a cool engine, then you can overcome any distance. In this fascinating application, you can feel like a great rider who easily overcomes dangerous routes. And you will have a large selection of vehicles.

Do you want to ride an SUV? No problem! Or maybe you like a motorcycle? Sit on it. There is also a variant of trucks, buggies, etc. It all depends on your desires. In the game Mini Racing Adventures, you need to take part in different races. And you will enjoy a variety of trails, in the form of green plains, snowy roads, and other colorful fields for racing. Obstacles will be on your way practically on every meter, these are big stones, potholes, hills, etc. In addition, the transport needs to perform various tricks, jump, and take off on the trampolines.

To increase the technical characteristics of your iron friend, you need to get points. Also, thanks to the bonuses, you can buy a new vehicle. Mini Racing Adventures game features excellent graphics, the ability to compete with other online players, a dynamic game process, a rich selection of cars with cool upgraded details, and five game fields with an interesting design.

Good luck to you! Modern Combat 5: Blackout is an action-packed shooter for Android from Gameloft. The race and shooting are obtained excellent from these developers, and each time the quality bar rises higher. The game has excellent three-dimensional graphics, elegant special effects, and great sound, allowing each cell to feel the atmosphere of what is happening. Among other things, the shooter received a rather interesting story.

The main character, being a hired Spetsnaz officer, is forced to visit several hot spots in order to eradicate the terrorists and their leaders. However, something tells him that the command is playing a double game. From shooting here you cannot escape, but you need not only to survive but also to unravel a conspiracy, questioning the legality of actions of management.

Gameplay Modern Combat 5: Blackout differs really crazy pace. Although the commander of a military unit is a player, he often will have to catch up with his subordinates. True, even this does not guarantee the safety of the protagonist. You can shoot here not only from the M, which is available initially but also from captured weapons. You will hardly be able to manage various equipment but to ride a helicopter, a boat or a car, pouring persecutors with lead from a large machine gun.

Despite the high dynamics, there are places in the game where you can catch your breath. Just stay for a while in the part of the area where you just made a successful sweep. Without you, the soldiers are unlikely to run far, but your fingers will be able to cool down during this time. Yes, the phone heats very much, and the battery also gets good. The game has 4 modes of the network game. So you can defend the country with your friends or oppose them.

Try this, the game tightens. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies — one of the best zombie shooters with a first-person view. The game was completely transferred from the game consoles, so do not be surprised by such a high-quality graphics and breathtaking gameplay, in which you sink from the first minutes of gameplay.

You must face the whole army of bloodthirsty zombies alone, shooting them with the help of powerful machine guns, throwing grenades, and cutting their half-rotten bodies with sharp objects. Go through several cities and clear them from the army of monsters. The game suggests us several scenarios for the development of the story: Of course, first, you should try a single game, deal with management features, understand what types of zombies are and how to kill them better, what weapons to employ and what to do when you see huge mutants.

And after that, you can enlist the support of your playmates and, together with your common efforts, destroy all those who dare to stand in your way. For convenience, the game has a voice chat, allowing you to quickly communicate with your friends and jointly solve common problems.

Each level you need to hold out a certain number of waves of zombies, which will attack us from various sides. Using pistols, submachine guns, rifles, flamethrowers, and grenades, you can give a zombie rebuff. To manage our hero is simple.

You also need to lock up windows and doors to stop the flow of zombies and prevent them from getting to you. The graphics in the game are three-dimensional but its quality is not the best. The zombie and weapon models are not bad but we would like better detail and dynamics. In the main, if you prefer shooting, you will like the game. To do this, you need to select one of 10 characters and connect to one of the game locations. Here you will experience new weapons and combine battle tactics. The higher your level of play — the more dangerous weapons and additional battle you can use.

Choose your favorite game mode, starting from a deadly fight and ending with the seizure of territories.

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Also, you will be able to communicate with the players using the game chat, which will make the games more realistic. And thanks to the unlocked premium account you can even more quickly pump out your character. DeadZone, who will be feared and respected by players from all over the world. Your rivals will be people, exactly the same real players, to foresee each step of which will be almost impossible.

Each opponent in his own way thinks, reflects and builds his own, strictly individual tactics of the game so that it will be unfortunate to defeat him! Consequently, the toy will require you to make maximum efforts but the pleasure will be incredible!

If you cannot independently overcome the enemy, enlist the support of friends because the together play is not only much easier but also much fun! Collect your own team, arrange a match, and prove to others who are in charge of this incredibly exciting and original toy.

The long-awaited continuation of the whole well-known series of games about the Second World War. You will find an interesting shooter with exciting gameplay. Prepare for a dynamic shootout, beautiful foreshortening deadly blows, and a large arsenal of various weapons, including experimental. You have to play the role of Sergeant Wright, who needs to go through this whole war. His whole story begins with the landing in Normandy, where he will meet the first mate.

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He has an additional power strike that will help you in the battles. Later you will receive new members and their special abilities. Use their super strokes wisely. You will become a real team if you choose the right weapon and partner. For each type of task, you will be given a choice of a certain class of weapons and additional special equipment, such as grenades, cocktails of hammers, knives, and other weapons.

Also, you will play in survival mode, where you need to defend yourself, protect someone with a sniper rifle, or shoot down all the planes. Neon Shadow — is a classic 3D first-person shooter. In the game, you are waiting for two modes: In the company, you have to go through a small storyline of the game and get acquainted with the basics of management. The plot is simple, so do not count on much. In terms of gameplay, the game is a very high-quality shooter, which is interesting and fun to play: But the coolest thing about Neon Shadow is the network mode!

In it, the game shows itself completely from a new angle:. Neon Shadow — a quality shooter, the main bias in which is made for dynamic and interesting contractions, graphics do not go to any comparison with Modern Combat 4 but this is more than offset by the dynamics and simplicity. Special Forces Group 2 — the continuation of an exciting game dedicated to the tough confrontation between terrorists and special forces soldiers. The new series received two dozen different maps, new weapon modifications, an extended modernization system so that every fan of thrill could realize their abilities in a dangerous fight.

Before the fighting begins, the gamer will have to decide on whose side he wants to fight: The presence of a variety of locations that send users to different parts of the world, make an element of surprise in every combat mission. After all, the gamer will have to take into account the peculiarities of the terrain, choose the safest and most convenient position for firing at enemy territories, facilities, and bases. Special Forces Group 2 will be the most effective and fun way to diversify your vacation: To survive in a fierce struggle different skills, accuracy, caution, and forethought will help.

Five game modes will make the fight process incredibly exciting.

In this application, users will have the opportunity to prove themselves: A correctly chosen position, a firm hand, determination, and accuracy will be the basis of victory. The multiplayer mode will allow us to form detachments of desperate and fearless heroes in order to jointly cope with the most experienced enemy. This is an adrenaline-filled fighting game, migrated to mobile platforms with Android OS in the format of a colorful slasher.

You are invited to plunge into the world of bloody battles, ending with powerful special techniques and brutal scenes. Even with all the current emphasis on new technologies and browser-based games, UNO's simplicity, fun and quick-paced nature has endured for decades. In a way it's fitting that this classic card game has made its way into the iTunes App Store and onto our mobile devices. The UNO app is a really good approximation of the card game we all played as children. The graphics are crisp and clear, and gameplay is just as rapid as it is in its original form. Play multiple games and obtain points quicker than your opponents to win.

UNO has a great tutorial and hints feature that shows you how to play the game on your mobile device with ease. You can also choose a game player color and icon, as well as input your name for a more personalized experience. If you need to stop playing for any reason, UNO will save your progress, and you can resume the next time you turn on your mobile device.

The only real criticism of the program is a small one. Upon initial purchase of the program the installation takes a few minutes, which is a great deal longer than most app installations.