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As in actually based on, and trying to recreate Swype, or it's just another sliding keyboard? I miss the loop and swipe of the keyboard gestures from Swype. Isn't that a part of it though? Couldn't they license use of the patents to the open source community for a period of time? I disagree. I moved to SwiftKey after having used Swype for years and never looked back.

Swype's autocorrect went to shit to the point of me having to go in and manually correct every other word. Not to mention it lagged like hell. It was near constant where I'd type some stuff, then wait while the keyboard tried to catch up. It was awful. SwiftKey isn't perfect, but it's damn faster and better at autocorrect than Swype was the last time I used it a year ago.

I noticed a complete positive difference the second I switched, to the point of being elated my keyboard wasn't terrible anymore. I don't use autocorrect personally and, because swype has such accurate swiping, I seldom need top correct a word. When I do though, the suggested words are always so much more accurate than other boards I've tried. Gboard literally doesn't suggest "then" as an alternative when it accidentally reads a swiped "them". Useless for me. I mainly swipe texted for the longest time on Swype. Its terrible interpretation of my swiping is why I started typing like a normal keyboard with it, which is also when I started noticing the severe lag with it.

As soon as I swapped over to SwiftKey, the difference in swipe suggestion accuracy, autocorrect, and lag was immediately noticeable. I don't know how we have effectively opposite experiences, but that's my two cents on the matter. I have to constantly delete words from my dictionary I've never used so Swype will recognize "about. That's not true. I also love the range of characters available on the Gboard without changing pages.

I was always frustrated by there being no long dashes available anywhere on Swype! With Gboard I can type em or en dashes easily by swiping from to 'h' then left or right depending on which one I want. I just hated that it wouldn't recognize some misspellings that were just a letter or two off, but if I copy pasted it I to Google, it would correct it automatically. What's the point of a Google keyboard if it doesn't have the positive aspects of Google?

It's the best, tried other keyboards but they haven't compared. I just tried Gboard a couple of days ago to check out the glide functionality. On Swype, I have all the "auto" stuff turned off caps, punctuation, space. Gboard doesn't seem to have a setting to turn off "auto-spacing" when gliding. How do you swipe things like URLs and email addresses that are made up of multiple words? For example, " homerjsimpson evergreenterrace. I don't want to have to delete all the spaces afterwards. I'm still using an old version of Swype for swipe-up to capitalize.

So maybe this won't affect me much. The newer versions have swipe from Swype key to Shift key which brings up capitalization suggestions. I'm using an old version too. The 3. I now had to wait ms for it to register compared to ms on v2. Also, emojis were now never the default highlighted word suggestion, so I'd have to manually select them each time. I can't imagine any functionality being lost by them ending support for it, so while it sucks that there's no chance they'll fix and improve the app anymore, I'm not expecting to be affected either.

I've been using Swype since It always impresses people when they see how quick I work with it. Tried others and they just can't compete imo. Sad times. Well fuck me, I just bought Swype two weeks ago because it worked a whole lot smoother than Swiftkey. And I was really enjoying the experience too Swype just went downhill from the Nuance acquisition. Nuance are just interested in the Dragon diction and wanted for more user data to train their language model. That's it. Now they have got what they want and they dump Swype. Blackberry keyboard has a tab with a virtual cursor for that, you control the cursor with the virtual joystick:.

Thanks for pointing this out. BlackBerry's VKB is legitimately one of the best in the market. They know it's really good because they haven't made it available on other devices. Even if you buy the license for their Launcher and full suite. Damn, now I'm looking for a new gesture keyboard.

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I'm not interested in something owned by Google or Microsoft. I don't mind the companies, but I find the keys in Gboard too small. I wish they had an option to increase the size. It would be perfect if that were the case.

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Currently looking for an alternative. They do! Go to the keyboard settings, preferences and under Layout there's Keyboard Height. It's set to normal as default, there's two larger sizes: This is bs. I've used this keyboard for a decade! And there's nothing else like it. F u nuance. This is far and away the best keyboard on Android. Gboard, Swiftkey and the others? The gestures is a killer mode too. Cmon, even the Note 2 and Note 4 isn't lagging me. But thats just me. I use swype for its ease of switching between English, Chinese, and Japanese.

I used Multiling before swype, but the ease of use won me over. Are there any other keyboards that offers similar ease of use? Bad news. I have to use 2 languages and Swype is the best keyboard imo. It doesn't change size when I swap to Thai language unlike others.

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Hungarian has a lot of compound words, Swype knows them. Plus select all, copy and paste plus exclamation and question marks are so easy to use with Swype GBoard is ok-ish, Swifkey has a much worse vocabulary and swiping is not as accurate as with Swype. I'm with you. I'm multilingual and absolutely no keyboard I've tried has as smooth language switching as Swype. Guess I'll be sticking with it until it doesn't work anymore. Looks like it's not on the Play Store publicly anymore, but I can always download the app from my Google Play library when I eventually upgrade my phone and tablet.

I wish Google keyboard would add the swype to cut and paste feature as well as swype punctuation. They're such obvious and useful features. Dang it.

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I still can't find a good alternative to Swype. I've tried GBoard but its text editing tools are just too clunky and cumbersome to get to easily. Swype's swipe shortcuts are just too convenient. Plus GBoard's word corrections and suggestions are less reliable for me, and there's no way to manually save text I use often to its suggestions.

For example, with Swype I can save email addresses and use them via swipe input. Any alternatives out there that I haven't tried? Language switching with Japanese support is also high on my list of needs. I'm honestly surprised they made it this long. They've always made it a pain in the ass to install and update since the beta days. At least swiftkey let me give them money. Please someone make a clone with the identical keyboard layout, Swype gestures copy, paste, etc , and gboard quality prediction.

Keyboard 69 is great unreleased , emoji support is lacking however, but two handed swipe keyboard is something you get used to fast and will never want to switch back. Actually, I have switched back to Gboard because Nintype was just too buggy and the emojis are awful. Would love a two-handed swiping keyboard, but that, Kii and Keymonk do not cut it. Frustrating, but yeah, my stubbornness will probably leave me on Nin.

Swype + Dragon Keyboard Cracked APK

Gboard is no fun to add words to. Anyone know of alternatives that have tap to add to dictionary like Swype?

[Update: Official Statement] Swype Keyboard for Android with Dragon Dictation has been Discontinued

Nuance has a rather dubious history as of late for terminating Dragon dictation prematurely, particularly bundled products. Well, there go my hopes for it returning to being the great keyboard it used to be. When I replaced that phone it became the first app I ever bought. A couple of years ago though after an update it all went to hell. It suddenly got really bad at picking the right word to the point that it would choose ones where the finger trace was nowhere near what you'd need to get that word.

A few great features also vanished never to be seen again. I stuck with it for a few months hoping an update would fix it again or I'd adjust but that wasn't to be. After trying a few alternatives and trying Swype again in between I finally settled on G Board. It's still not as good as Swype was at it's best but it's a whole lot better than what it had become I posted about this in Reddit and got a lot of responses from people with the same experience. So sad to see a product essentially die at it's own hands like this. I understand not being able to keep up with newcomers sometimes but this was just unnecessary.

I am fine with gboard and swype, but would prefer to stay away from Google ecosystem if possible which is why I bought swype, though accuracy and vocabulary was quite downgrade from gboard. I used to go back and forth between Swype and GBoard because I'd get annoyed with one or the other. Swype had better learning and prediction of what you were trying to gesture type, but GBoard is way less laggy. I wish Google would spend more time on the gesture typing on GBoard though.

I still routinely experience issues with it, like where it randomly won't detect gestures and you just have to "scribble" until it starts detecting them again, and it really doesn't seem to learn at all. It constantly assumes I'm trying to type words I never use and which I always manually correct to something else.

You'd think after dozens of times of me doing that it'd give preference to the word I corrected. But yeah, Swype was a big selling point for me on Android. Sucks that they're going OEM only now. They are working on "AI solutions"? Oh noes! Is there an easy way to export my custom dictionary to another keyboard?

I don't want to start it over: In the same respect, there will be no obligation to agree to any type of subscription in the future. This Google keyboard will need While it is not a particularly large file, it is still a good idea to check your memory status if you have downloaded numerous applications in the recent past.

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This keyboard has been developed by Google and therefore, you can remain confident that there are no types of viruses present. In order to reinforce this fact, the professionals at Softonic have gone a step further and performed our own tests before offering it to the public. This keyboard is defined by its enhanced sense of functionality. Some of the unique features which you will be able to enjoy include glide typing, instant access to emojis and settings which support voice-activated dictation for a hands-free edge.

There are numerous languages which are recognized by this software platform. As multilingual typing is supported, users will no longer have to switch back and forth. A full list is available on the official website. Other possibilities include the ability to share GIFs, the option to translate words between two different languages and the capability to use the space bar as a means to move the cursor. SwiftKey caters to all typing tastes, with free designs and themes to fit any style. The custom keyboard provides autocorrect that actually works.

Update: Official Nuance Statement

SwiftKey provides helpful predictions, so you can get your point across fast, without errors. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard. Download SwiftKey, the 1 swipe keyboard, today. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate.