Samsung galaxy s2 sms scrambled

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I have had problems ever since the lollipop update. First I had error messages like crazy. That seemed to correct itself, but since then I receive my texts in groups of at a time. They come in late and out of order. Most come in between 3 and 6 am.

Is there anyway to fix this? Problem 3: When I reply to a text, my message will go before the one I just replied to. This problem just started and I cannot figure out why.

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I have auto update of the time on my phone and it does this with everyone I text to on several different carriers. Any ideas on how to fix this so my messages will be in order again? Thanks so much! This problem has something to do with time and date in your device.

Try follow the simple procedure below to address this problem. If the messages that come in are still out of order after you did that, try clearing the cache and data of the Messages app and reboot your phone; that usually fixes it. Hi guys. I have a problem with my Galaxy S5. Me and my friends often exchange funny text messages in our circle.

However, when I include even just one of them, the message will not be sent and I have to delete it from the message and resend. In Jan it began acting up with my text messaging.

I always receive CB SMS message in my Galaxy S3. How can I disable this?

It would not let me send messages. This was intermittent. I had it replaced with a refurbished one through T-Mobile yesterday. Today, it did the same thing to me. I have deleted a ton of texts. There is no option to increase my text message limit. I have done a soft reset.

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The message center number is correct. What is the problem? How can I fix it? Hey there- I have a Galaxy s6 with Verizon and the option to set the text messages limit is not there.

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It was previously available on my s5. The standard limit appears to be 1k! Who needs that! How do I get around that? I no longer have the additional options you mention below:. Tap Apps from the Home screen.

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Tap Messages to open the messaging application. Tap the Menu icon three vertical dots located on the upper-right corner of the screen. Scroll to and tap to select Settings. Tap Delete old messages to erase old messages from your inbox. Tap Text Message Limit.

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