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Final advice: I got a 7 plus.

Now I learn it too has the slowdown OS. What should I do? Upgrade to the 8 or do I have to go to the 10? I replaced my battery and the iPhone 5s still loses charge rapidly and hears up. I think it is something in their software that keeps CPU running even if I am not using it. If I power off the phone the battery charge does not go down so how could it be the battery? We must all accept the fact that the price of bew technology requires us to replace our smart devices every months in order to maintain performance.

Unless we are supergeeks ourselves, the price of new batteries which may imprive perfornance or not coupled with payments to a techie to do the job, makes buying a fresh new device instead. People get okder and slow down, so do electronics, cars and other machinery. We need to accept this. Nowhere in the Apple admission does it claim that the ios upgrade evaluates the battery performance. It does say it throttles the cpu based on the phone model. Yet you found a difference after replacing the batteries.

Of course replacing your battery after 2 or 3 years will definitely improve your battery drain issues and make your experience much beter. I have a 5s and refuse all offers of updates. My need are simple, so it is okay. BUT Apple lies like a republican! ALL updates since slow down older macs of all types. Appl simply lies. They DO want you to uy a new one as often as possible, they are a hadware company manufacuring in the far east.

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How else do you think they get all that fat profit? Do I need to do it again, to avoid this throttling? Thanks very much. This is great news! Although I have a question. I think this article needs to be a little more clear.

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Or based on the cycle count of the battery in the device? If this is known, was it left out intentionally to boost battery sales? Or do we not really know how this is done yet? For example, my battery count still says zero after a few months. So did a get a bad battery? Or are some things different from the OEM Apple version? Please update the article, iFixit is supposed to be a trusted source for information with full transparency and nothing to hide. I think ifixit is doing a tremendous disservice to its readers by advising them to replace their batteries in 6S and up. You sell a kit that does not contain a new display adhesive.

You need to replace the adhesive if you expect your device to have the same water resistance that it did before you opened it. Also any battery that is not made by Apple and installed in a device will never be eligible for any type of hardware service from Apple. Whether it was in warranty or not. You might think Apple is trying to punish you, but the real reason is that there is no way to verify if the 3rd party battery you put into your device is the same power wise and safety wise as the Apple branded one you took out of it.

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Does this suggest that by replacing the battery you reset the internal battery cycle counter of the phone and then the software removes the throttling on the CPU? Is the phone aware of the serial number or some other unique ID of the battery? Is the phone measuring the current output of the battery and then throttling if the current output is subpar? Too many to count. This is a joke, and I fully believe that this is part of planned obsolescence. My iPad mini has this problem, my iphone 6s plus is phone. Was it a big deal to Apple to let us know and put a switch in?

Now I have proof! I have noticed tremendous slowdown with latest IOS updates. Does this issue occur and improve with battery replacement with a iPhone 5s? I appreciate a balanced elaboration and review of this issue. That you replaced an old battery and thereafter noticed huge performance improvement tends to confirm that iOS actually checks battery health before throttling, rather than automatically throttling based on the iPhone model.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work! More battery life is better, right? I bet people would still be okay if their few years old phone lasts a mere 8 hours but at full speed when needed instead of 24 hours at slow speed all time. What happens if I have the iPhone plugged into a charger. Is the performance restored then? Presumably the charger can more than compensate for any deficiency in the battery that limits its current supply capability. I think this is disgusting by apple. There was a news story last year that we were coming to the end of the rapid tech improvements with new phones and a new phone only has incremental improvements.

The news report suggested this would reduce apple revenue as users held onto their old phones… lol, but sneaky apple had a better idea — this phone will self destruct or at least become useless when just out of contract!!! I know you are trying to stay in business. Companies come close to being scams when the information is not well documented. By all means, you should have asked Apple for a very complete list of ALL the devices affected if in fact this really happened. Fake news has its place but not when you are trying to be sure that your readers trust you.

Trusting customers are easy to keep as long as you treat them fairly. Start lying and stretching things too far and your customers will drop like dead flies. You are walking a fine line here just to sell batteries. And the Alwsys cause issues. I keep getting reminders to install the latest OS Not going to happen. What were the peramiters fot the test? How can I replicate them with my phone to see if it gets any better or how bad it is now?

Please offer more info on this matter. I see lots of relevant comments and questions on here but no answers???

Come on ifixitorg whoever you are…you posted the original article! Give some answers…. Like a few others in these comments, I too am curious about iPhone 5s performance after updating to iOS So far there is no comment from iFixit or other posters.

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My5s was working fine, speed of routine tasks was decent until iOS 11 update. Immediately after the update, my battery started dying relatively quickly and since it was the original battery, it seemed logical to change it. The battery was changed by a local phone repair shop not Apple and it seemed quite good. However, as soon as the phone was updated to iOS Since it was a non-Apple battery, I suspected the quality of the battery and called the repair shop. Their records confirmed that it was a less than 3 months old battery and covered under their warranty.

They have changed the battery just yesterday. What I cannot determine that if the previous battery just happen to be a bad one repairman did say, it can happen when they sit for too long in storage or is it one those clever little trick Apple coding monkeys have started doing where every non-Apple trinket get detected by the newer iteration of their OS and hobbled. Non-Apple cables for iOS devices are a good example of this nasty practice. As was the case in pre-OS X days, I may have to go back to older practices of not updating to newer versions of OS until enough time has lapsed to know what issues others are experiencing.

Batteries are consumable parts. I agree that your first replacement battery sounds like it may have been defective. Thank you, Jeff! However, the repair shop did test the previous battery they put in and the most recent one side-by-side and claimed that both tested identically on their testing device. Tap Download and Install. Later, iOS will reinstall apps that it removed. If you tap Cancel, learn what to do next. To update now, tap Install. If you tap Install Tonight, just plug your iOS device into power before you go to sleep.

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Your device will update automatically overnight. If asked, enter your passcode. If you don't know your passcode, learn what to do. If you see an error or need more space when updating wirelessly If you see an error message while trying to update your device wirelessly, learn what to do. Connect your device to your computer.

Click Summary, then click Check for Update. Click Download and Update. If you see error messages in iTunes or need more space to update Get help if you see error messages while updating your device with iTunes. Published Date: Mon Dec 03 Yes No.