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The device achieved ms in the Pi benchmark. Multibench 2 is divided into four parts: Futuremark's browser-based Peacekeeper achieved a score of We also executed a data transmission speed test from a computer to the smartphone. Transferring 10 GB, split up in 20 files with MB each, took 12 minutes and 32 seconds. The abundance of possibilities sometimes lets you forget that the smartphone can also be used for making calls.

The free-hands feature also did a satisfactory job although the calling partner complained about a slightly low volume. The device's temperature increase is clearly noticed, but we cannot say that it makes use unpleasant. It only got a bit warmer in the area of the charging port, where we presume the SoC system-on-a-chip is located. The PSU heated up to That suggests that the speakers come from Beats Audio. We also find a corresponding field dubbed "Beats Audio" in the menu settings. That obviously only works when additional hardware is used.

However, the smartphone should not be placed on its back when playing music if at all possible. That partly covers the speaker, which distorts the sound and ruins what is actually good quality audio. The included headset provides considerably superior music enjoyment, exhibits more bass and enables the Beat Audio feature as soon as it is inserted.

HTC's One X reaches almost the same maximum 5. We presume that the different operating systems are the reason for the varying power consumption.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

We recorded a battery runtime of a whole 14 hours and 58 minutes from a fully charged HTC 8X in idle mode using minimum brightness and disabled wireless modules. The modular PSU needed 3 hours and 1 minute to completely recharge the battery. The 8X is again defeated in the full load test and only lasts for 1 hour and 55 minutes. The One S ran 34 minutes longer despite virtually identical hardware.

Both contenders achieved similar times in the more realistic " browsing via Wi-Fi " scenario. The Windows Phone only provides three screen brightness levels: Although this made a direct comparison with the One S difficult, it clearly shows that the Android has an even bigger lead than the measured rates attested. Even technically less savvy users will quickly have an overview of the operating concept and the options. Features like the "Company App" for catering to the needs of companies are implemented in the settings.

The IPS screen delivers natural colors and can be used precisely. However, we rate the lack of a micro SD card slot and the built-in battery as negative. But it is not only HTC to accept this criticism. We will see whether this is a revolution or only an evolution in terms of software in the next months.

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After all, such an operating system makes or breaks with its additional applications. Microsoft's app store is by far not as well filled as the ones from the competition. But its day may and must come. Both are also high-end devices that are all vying for the Windows Phone 8 crown. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

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Micro USB port and microphone. Power button, microphone and 3. HTC 8X primary camera 2. Samsung Galaxy S3 8 MP. Windows Phone 8. Attractive metro design.

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  5. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot design award, said: Some reviewers noted some problems. The phone reboots randomly, which was supposed to be solved after the "Portico" update, but after the update it sometimes continues rebooting randomly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. August 6, Retrieved August 7, Microsoft's modern mobile OS personified in polycarbonate". Retrieved T-Mobile USA.

    HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

    Archived from the original on The PDAmaster recommends the following device s: And what better way to do that with some pretty bright colours and a newer version of Windows Phone that the world's been waiting for for months? The HTC 8X comes in a range of colours - from muted black, to respectable red, to an elegant purple and a, quite frankly, hideous lollipop-lady yellow hue. We were sent the purple model and it's a beauty. There had been rumours that the red would be reserved for Verizon users in the US — but it looks like the rest of world is now getting it too.

    First thing we noticed is how thin the HTC 8X is. Not so much an amazing feat of engineering, but a clever trick. With dimensions of But it's thinner round the edges to give the impression it's more svelte than it actually is. Not that this matters because it looks and feels thin most of the time and the slight curve around the back means it sits well, both on a surface and in the hand. In fact, in the hand, it looks the same size as the HTC One X, despite the appearance given in our picture above.

    Add to that the material the HTC 8X is made of — polycarbonate, like the One X — and you instantly have in your mitts a handset that feels like a real premium device. It's a unibody design so it's all nice and neat win but at the expense of a memory slot and replaceable battery fail. The front of the HTC 8X is taken up by the display.