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Input "ping mail. If you are getting a lost packet, then you need to contact your ISP for the issue. The last solution will be with the registry and setting of the browser and the computer. I suggest getting CCleaner since it is free and it gets the job done. You need to select from Download. Use the one from Piriform. Before running the Cleaner, create a system restore point by following the prompts after loading System Restore.

You can run it by searching "create a system restore point". Do it as a precaution if it affects other software. Next, open CCleaner and click on Run Cleaner on the lower right side of the program. Also, you can fix registry issues that might be affecting connection by using the Registry tab of CCleaner. Hit on Scan for Issues and then Fix selected issues afterwards. Make sure you select to backup the registry before continuing on the popup.

This will resolve your issue with Yahoo! Mail and speed your computer a bit. I keep getting this error - mail was unable to connect. Try to use other browsers like Google Chrome or Fire Fox since that you are still getting the same problem after deleting browsing history.

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If you have it on outlook express, try to remove and add the email address again to see if it will resolve the issue. Try to open your email to another computer and see if it does the same issue. This could be a firewall issue that you need to lower down. You can still recover it by hitting the "forgot password" link in your log in site. After that you will need to answer some questions that only you can answer those quesions.

BlackBerry Curve 9320 support.

If you had answer them correctly and you provided the necessary information you will be able to get back your password or a way to reset it and change it later on. So i hope this help you recover your password. I have lost access to one of my e-mail accounts and cannot figure out how to get it back. So as an initial requirement in activation ,. Hello i have just bought a blackberry curve and i do not know how to get on bbm?

Anonymous "The problem is not in your laptop The problem is not in your laptop.. Connection failure has occured trying to connect to e-mail unable to connect. Hoping that this would answer your question. The Font Size of messages and Email font size on a Blackberry curve can be change by clicking the apps list on your screen, select the Settling click the text size and choose the font size you want to used.

How do you change the text and e-mail font size on a blackberry curve ? Contact your network provider for internet settings , you can also go to settings then account and sync on your phone. I really struggle to set up my blackberry e mail account on my galaxy !

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Someone said: I am using all other apps in my iPhone 5 with same network at same place. Was this comment helpful? Set the incoming mail server to "pop3. Using a telkom mail server but unable to connect on my mail settings on the galaxy s3? Probably needs SSL with authentication.

Change settings. Read help info. Step 5 of 17 Create email account Scroll to Add another email address and press the Navigation key. If email accounts have been created already, scroll to Add another email address and press the Navigation key. Step 6 of 17 Create email account Highlight the required provider and press the Navigation key.

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Step 8 of 17 Create email account Highlight the required domain and press the Navigation key. Step 9 of 17 Enter email address Highlight the field below Email address and key in your email address. Step 10 of 17 Enter password Highlight the field below Password and key in the password for your email account at your email provider.

Step 11 of 17 Enter password Scroll to Continue and press the Navigation key. Step 13 of 17 Enter account name Highlight the field below Email account name and key in the required name of the email account. Step 14 of 17 Enter sender name Highlight the field below Your name and key in the required sender name. Step 15 of 17 Save and exit Scroll to Save and press the Navigation key. Step 16 of 17 Save and exit Press Disconnect. Step 17 of 17 Save and exit Press the Return key to return to standby mode.

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